Architectural, Hotel & Real Estate Photographer
Joel Duncan
Joel Duncan is a photographer  based in Medellin. He specializes in Interior, Architectural, Commercial, Hotel and Real Estate Photography.

Joel started photographing properties while on an extended backpacking trip across Central and South America.

His first job happened by chance when he took a photo of a hotel lobby and showed it to a gentleman working at reception. As luck would have it, this gentleman was the owner of the hotel. He loved the photo and immediately made Joel an offer – Free stay in exchange for a gallery of photos of the hotel.

This trade gave Joel the idea of paying with photos for all of his accommodation while traveling. His love for interior photography grew very quickly, as did his portfolio of properties and his client base.

Joel is known for his signature twilight-hour photos and his ability to realistically capture exterior city lights in his interior photos. He uses both natural lighting and small flashes to artistically capture the beautiful illumination of each space.

Joel promises his clients phenomenal photographs of their properties, whether it’s a cozy apartment or a 5-star resort. Valuing quality over quantity, he takes every photo with careful attention to detail and lighting.

His mission is ‘To be the best property photographer in Colombia and one of the best in the world’.

When Joel isn’t photographing beautiful properties he is shooting stunning landscapes and working on exciting photo-documentary projects around Colombia.


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