Pictures of Medellin Colombia

This is a gallery of the best pictures of Medellin that I have taken over the years.

Medellin offers some of the best Colombia landscape photo opportunities you can get. I fell in love with Medellin, The City of Eternal Spring, from the moment I arrived 6 years ago! I have been fortunate enough to photograph some of the most beautiful penthouses in Medellin, which all tend to have spectacular panoramic views of the city. Consequently, I have been able to amass one of the biggest collections of pictures of Medellin. Here is just a small sample of some of my favourites. If you are interested in purchasing any of these pictures for use on your website or print advertising, please send me a message for updated rates.

Buying Stock Pictures of Medellin Colombia

If you’re looking for landscape pictures of Medellin to use on your commercial website or in print, please get in contact with me. You can purchase the rights to use these photos as stock images using PayPal. If you want more exclusive Medellin pictures, I can also be commissioned to take photos for your company.

Alternatively, if you can also purchase Medellin pictures from popular stock sites like ShutterStock and Getty Images.

One of the best pictures of Medellin Colombia at night

Where to take pictures of Medellin Colombia?

I have received quite a few emails from travellers asking me where they should go to take  good pictures of Medellin. The challenge for most visitors is knowing where is safe to go. If you are visiting Medellin and you want to take a beautiful panoramic shot of the city, I recommend these places that offer excellent and safe vantage points: The Mirador on Las Palmas, Pueblito Paisa, The rooftop of the Hotel Charlee, the TRYP Hotel rooftop, and the Hotel 10 rooftop, the rooftop of the Arte Hotel.

One of the most iconic pictures of Medellin can be taken from the Hotel Nutibara Medellin in el centro (downtown). First you must get permission from the hotel management to go up to the top floor balcony which looks out over parque Berrio. You can call or email the hotel to receive written permission. They usually grant guests only 30 minutes to take the picture. Be careful with the pigeons who seem to just love shitting on photographers below.

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